Transforming the IT Industry

Transforming his IT skills from consulting to staffing, in 1994 John Goullet founded Info Technologies. As Chief Executive Officer, Goullet grew his private business at exceptional speeds, being marked twice in the top 500 of fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine. His specialized skills in IT staffing allowed him to match clients with organized personnel meeting their personality, skill, and business conditions wants and needs. Goullet’s system, in five years time, brought Info Technologies to a $30 million organization, placing it in spot 8 of the top 500 fastest-growing private companies.

Sixteen years from debut, Goullet merged Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. creating DIVERSANT LLC. At DIVERSANT Goullet holds the position of Principal Executive where he still strives to meet all challenges brought forth in the IT industry. His passion allows DIVERSANT to rise above other companies and work as a representative who searches for IT professionals whom best qualify for the success of clients. DIVERSANT digs deeper than resum├ęs, meeting one-on-one with both clients and IT professionals to find impeccable matches that satisfy all criteria.

Along with being an expert in IT services, DIVERSANT acts as a mentor to IT professionals. Consultants of DIVERSANT are gifted with pay ranges and market trends information and assisted through job placement. Unlike other companies, DIVERSANT works to make sure consultants are successful after placement and will have job stability, providing support for consultants when searching for future jobs.

In all, Goullet’s IT skills, initially consulting and now staffing, have brought on great success. The merge of his company, Info Technologies, with DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC. has created a business that works towards bringing about success for both clients and consultants.