TalkFusion Wins a Well-Deserved Product of the Year Award

You may have heard of TalkFusion. Founded by Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion is built on very humanistic ideals. Reina’s grand vision was to help businesses and to provide them with an example of ethical business along the way. The company’s most renowned product is it’s Video Chat, which is innovative in it’s field and is helping the professional lives of many across the world. However, the company’s philanthropic work is probably more important. Reina feels that “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and by helping people with it’s services and working with charities along the way, Reina has demonstrated this.

Excitingly, Talk Fusion recently won the WebRTC Product of the Year Award, as detailed here. Given the award on March 16th by the Technology Marketing Corporation, Bob Reina stated, “”This is a huge win for all of us; our IT team is always working hard to change the way the world communicates.”

According to TMC CEO Rich Tehrani, Talk Fusion was given the award because judges, “were very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by Talk Fusion in their groundbreaking work on Video Chat.” And rightfully so, as the TalkFusion Video Chat has swept the business world off of it’s feet. In addition, the charitable work done along the way certainly sets TalkFusion apart from it’s competition.

TalkFusion’s Director of IT, Dr. Jonathan Chen, looked at the award as a validation of what TalkFusion believes in. He believes that the humanitarian ideals the company was founded on and carried out are being shown in their products. Furthermore, he believes that these ideals have become inherent in the product, and this has, in turn, improved the product’s quality.

TalkFusion’s Video Chat is beginning to revolutionize person to person marketing, and it’s brother products are doing the same in their fields. And TalkFusion’s ethical code is helping it do some good along the way.