Kenneth Goodgame, Executive and Expert

True Value Company is an American icon with a very effective operating strategy. The company benefits from the entrepreneurship of its independent store owners. At the same time, its cooperative distribution system ensures that it remains one of the top hardware retailers in terms of customer satisfaction and quality control.

What does it take to lead such a complex enterprise? The expertise of individuals such as Kenneth Goodgame, for one thing. In an industry cluttered with “experts,” Goodgame stands alone as an Operations Management guru. With years of experience, Kenneth Goodgame is known among his colleagues for his comprehensive knowledge of marketing, sales and retail merchandising.

Educated at the University of Tennessee, Goodgame began his career at Home Depot in Atlanta. He moved on to Newell Rubbermaid, Techtronic Industries, and Ace Hardware. The hardware business is tough on merchandising pros. Each size of bolt, nail, washer, and so on requires a separate SKU (or stock keeping unit). In positions such as head of proprietary brands, Goodgame demonstrated the ability to manage huge amounts of data. He has driven the implementation of effective policies time and again.

Currently, Goodgame maintains a personal blog where his quick and insightful thought processes are clear. His writing voice is direct and accessible to the average businessperson. It is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs. As a consultant, Goodgame’s expertise is invaluable. He is known throughout the retail landscape as one of the best.

Ken Goodgame brings a lot of things to the table: effective leadership, comprehensive knowledge, and the pragmatism needed to oversee implementation of new processes. This unique combination of strengths has served world-renowned companies well. Now, as an expert blogger and consultant, many more will benefit from his expertise.