John Goullet’s Role From Info Technologies Until DIVERSANT LLC

Mr. John Goullet served as a computer consultant and as an IT staffing account executive in 1994. That was shortly before he founded his own company called Info Technologies.

From the early days of his career until now, he continued to concentrate on building skilled IT project teams. He then became instrumental in preparing new hires for employment. In the process, he developed programs that successfully placed job applicants within Fortune 500 companies. The resources available to workers looking for jobs was more than just interview and resume help, however.

Each potential employee was carefully screened based on a variety of attributes. However, one of the most important of these was the skill assessments given. The testing offered to each applicant that signed on with Goullet’s agency helped them market the expertise that employers need. If further training was needed to help a worker secure a lucrative IT job, that was also provided.

John Goullet carried on with Info Technologies until its merger with Diversant Inc. in 2010. This new company became DIVERSANT LLC. It is now one the largest African-American owned IT staffing firms in the United States. This company provides long-term and permanent solutions for Fortune 500 corporations and mid-sized firms. They also provide temporary outsourcing staff to the companies that need extra support.

An additional aspect of DIVERSANT staffing involves the promotion of diversity. People preparing for a successful career in Information Technology are taught how to embrace each other’s differences. Furthermore, the mission of encouraging diversification within the workplace provides more skills for the talent pool. The result as reported is that productivity levels increase as diversity increases.

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