Gregory Aziz the Reputable Leader

Gregory James Aziz serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Steel Car Company. The above company has over a century of experience in tank car manufacture and railroad freight. National Steel Car Company is an expert in manufacturing and engineering its products and it is committed to quality.

Greg Aziz leads the company with the core value of esteeming and respecting the people in the company. He says that the company could not be what it is if the people had not been there.

One concludes that he is a people driven person and a transformational leader, who coaches and mentors his workers to be the best assets they can be in the company. Out of the respect that Greg and his management team have for the people, they hire diverse workforce as they believe each person has something to bring to the table. Moreover, the value of innovation is highly utilized in Steel Car Company since the workers are allowed autonomy in their areas of expertize. Consequently, the firm performs exceptionally well in production and innovation.

As earlier mentioned, James Aziz values quality, and he and his management constantly raise the bar to focus the company strength. One of the driving forces according to Greg is a sense of purpose, which ensures that they never waiver from the main goals that they seek to achieve.

The above causes the customers to have deep trust in National Steel Car Company as far as building high-quality railcars that deliver as expected is concerned. The company also gains recognition for consistency and quality; case in point, the TTX SECO National Award has often gone to the company. The company is also the only steel car company that is ISO certified in North America, making it highly reputable and dependable.

More than that, Greg Aziz has built a company culture where the customers’ feedback is put into consideration. Consequently, all the products are suited to the customer tastes and preferences in the company. Moreover, the company does not depend on its past successes but it constantly pursues excellence and incorporates the customer demands on the products. The customers respond in showing loyalty, and that explains the lofty success of the company.

Gregory Aziz is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the national industries Inc. Notably, he uses the same set of values to lead both companies. Greg Aziz lives in Hamilton Ontario in Canada.