George Soros, A Substantial Presence In The United States

George Soros is a man that is very important to the political world and the world of finance. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1936. His father was a Schwartz but changed his name to Soros. George is now a big part of the United States of America because he offers so much to so many things.

George Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest men. He started his own net worth working like anyone else did growing up. He made some good calls in a bad market. This earned him a profit of a billion in 1992. He attended college in London and gained an Economics degree from London School of Economics. Learning Economics on NYTimes would later help him to gain all of his financial freedom and earn his rank as one of the wealthiest men in the world. Many people look down on him because he made such a gutsy call in the UK market earning him lots of money on a short sale.

Some people in the world like to look down on people that are big investors in Presidential campaigns on Politico. They believe that the people that are large investors are expecting to have most of their demands met. It is not that simple in politics. Soros does have lots of opinions and ideas of how the country should be run. George Soros spoke out on the democratic campaign when he donated over 25 million to the Clinton campaign. He has always supported the democrats in their campaigns and he is hoping to overhaul the Justice system one day.

George Soros has interests in investing, philanthropy and writing. He wrote a book outlining his thoughts towards refugees and the dream of owning your own business in the US. He moved to New York in 1956. He began working as an Arbitrage trader. In 1969, Soros started his own Hedge Fund for his investor trading on Snopes. He has done remarkably well over the course of his lifetime. He has made wonderful and sound decisions regarding his finances. His ideas towards the Presidency and how the United States should fund their programs are interesting. Most people believe he could do a good job and has some good ideas. The few that follow up on his ideas and principals are probably the democrats he is voting for. George remains one of the wealthiest men in the United States so he has opinions that people will be sure to listen to.

According to Politico, George Soros donated a hefty sum to the democratic party and was disappointed to hear that Clinton did not win. He supported her husband in his victory and am sure he will somehow support Trump in his time in the office. Suggestions will not be taken lightly by Trump because Soros is a substantial presence in with good ideas. With a net worth of over 24.9 Billion, George Soros will be making his requests and impressions known. Soros Continues to be a force to be heard and will continue to be a great asset to the United States of America.