Fabletics is a brand of athleticwear that is excelling in sales, due to the “power of the crowd.” Fabletics has had rapid growth at a rate of 200% and have one million customers, due to the fact that they use online reviews to help promote their product. The reasons online reviews are so important are as follows:


  1. Trust – A study shows that more customers trust reviews of a product as much as a friend’s recommendation, and cost isn’t as important as the review. Consumers like seeing what others have to say online, which helps in their purchasing decisions.
  2. Frequent Use – Over fifty percent of people research and read on-line reviews, even if they are purchasing something in a store. It’s the power of the crowd that determines buying, whether online or in a store, not price comparisons, like many people think it would be.
  3. User Reviews – Positive reviews help a brand’s search ranking and increases the number of repeat customers. Fabletics knows that the power of the crowd through positive reviews, boosts business and revenues, bringing in more customers and promoting higher search rankings.


Fabletics, a stylish, affordable, good quality athleisure line of clothes, was founded in 2013. The founders wanted someone with an active lifestyle, who was authentic and fun, to partner with them, and the person they thought of was Kate Hudson. An actress, with no business background, she immediately “dove in” and started reviewing budgets, promoted the social media aspect and became involved with the design process by making sure the styles were staying up-to-date. She makes sure the sales up going well by looking at which clothes are selling the most and which ones aren’t selling so well.


Kate is one that stands by what she believes in by wearing the clothes she sells. She went from “Almost Famous” to Fabletics Greatness by walking the red carpet launching her new line of athleticwear, not promoting a TV show or a movie she’s in. Fabletics has grown into a $250 million company in just three and a half years. She knows that communication is a major priority and uses a data system that makes sure their inventory levels are stable and serves customers by matching them up with their perfect outfit. The company also has twenty-two retail stores and would like to open twelve more this year. Kate has helped the company receive a top rating from the Better Business Bureau and high customer satisfaction score. Being an actress is still her passion in life, but she is very proud of the business aspect of her life and intends to stay involved in Fabletics.


Fabletics would like for you to read the many reviews and take a few minutes to take the Lifestyle Quiz, so they can help you create personalized outfits to fit your lifestyle and see why Kate Hudson stands by Fabletics and the athleisurewear they offer.