Why Betsy Devos was the right pick to head the education docket in the country

When Betsy Devos name was nominated for new secretary of education in the U.S., there were a lot of backlashes, especially from the teachers’ unions. The two giant teachers unions felt that president Trumps choice for secretary of education wasn’t the best. Besty Devos is a school-choice activist, and she chairs an organization known as the American Federation for Children. This organization advocates for school choice and focuses on children from low and middle-income families.


The American Federation of Teachers, a giant teachers union in the country, felt that Betsy Devos would spearhead the privatization and defunding of the public education in the country. On the contrary, the school choice movement where Devos has been a leader and activist is not going on this route. The movement is championing for what the teachers’ unions in the country dread the most: freedom.


The school choice movement is about giving the freedom back to the parents so that they can choose where and how their children get the much-needed education. The parents are involved in every step in their child’s education, including the recruitment of teachers.


Freedom governs a great nation like U.S., and this is the secret that makes our country great. The government has created an environment where individuals choose what they want. It would, therefore, be outrageous if a something as basic as education would have little freedom in it. It would be sad to see the less privileged in the society being locked into a failed public system that is controlled by unions and bureaucrats.


Numbers don’t lie

Three decades ago, school choice programs weren’t in existence. Today, nearly 500,000 children are attending private schools in more than 29 states. These private schools benefit from public funding, tax credits, and educational savings accounts.


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools reports indicates that nearly one million children await to enroll in charter schools Betsy Devos has set out her agenda. She is devoted to advancing freedom by making educational opportunities available to every child in the U.S. regardless of their background.


Previous works on education by Betsy Devos

Although Betsy was thrown into the limelight when Trump floated her name for the head of education, she has been an education activist for a long time. Betsy and her husband have been instrumental in the educational reforms witnessed in Michigan for the last couple of years. Betsy has served as a board member in various schools.


Betsy and her husband have gained a lot of respect for their philanthropic actions that mainly support education, arts, and justice. The couple is reported to have donated about $139 million to organizations that support causes that they believe in.


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Charles Koch Discusses the Letter That Guides his Life

Charles Koch, age 80, is a billionaire businessman hailing from Wichita, Kansas. Koch, with his brother David, is the co-owner of Koch Industries, the second largest privately-held company in the United States. Koch consistently ranks among the top 10 or 20 richest people in the world, with almost all of his wealth derived from his massively successful company. As CEO, Koch has been the driving force behind such classic American brands and products like Lycra, Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, and Quilted Northern toilet paper.

The Koch brothers were left a sizable inheritance by their father, Fred Koch, who amassed a large fortune after he developed a new method for refining crude oil. Koch recently shared the letter his father wrote to his sons discussing their inheritance and how it could be “either a blessing or a curse.” Fred Koch went on to write that they could use it as a “valuable tool for accomplishment” or “squander it foolishly.” Koch discussed how his father instilled work ethic in his children from a very young age. Charles Koch did work around the farm, starting with digging up dandelions at age 6, and “graduating” to mucking stalls, baling hay, and milking cows when he was older.

Koch claims his father taught him that in order to be happy you need to contribute and develop your skills. He firmly believes that one must develop work ethic and learn to work hard from a young age. “If people don’t learn to do hard work by the time they’re in their 30s, they probably will never be very productive at work because you learn things working that you don’t learn in school” he stated.

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