Erick Pulier: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, Investor and Programmer

Eric Pulier is one of the brightest minds that we have in America. This respected entrepreneur is based in Los Angeles, California, where he resides with his wife and four sons. Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck. He also attended early school there, Teaneck high school.

Eric Pulier, from a young age, had a thing for computers. You could tell that he was going to make it big in the technology world. At the fourth grade, he was already programming computers, an art that many find to master. And, when he was in high school, he started his first computer database company.

Mr. Pulier has a very strong education background to back his career life. After graduating high school, he attended Harvard University. He simultaneously took classes from Massachusetts Institute of Technology which neighbors Harvard. As you would expect, he graduated in the year 1988 with honors.

Pulier has been very successful in different industries and at such a remarkably young age. He has founded over a dozen companies, most of which have achieved great success in their various industries. Some of the companies that he founded have been sold off at a great price, leaving him very wealthy. Currently, Pulier serves as both the president and CEO of ServiceMesh Inc. He also serves as the founder and executive chairman of Akana, executive director and founder of Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, and founder of Desktone since the year 2001. In addition he serves on the board of AppSense and Exquisite Conglomerate Communications.

Like most wealthy people, Pulier is a big philanthropist. He participates on various charities. He shares the vision of many upcoming entrepreneurs and funds their startups. Most of the startups where he invested have been really successful. He donates to several charity organization. For some time now, he has been working very closely with The Painted Turtle Camp. The camp helps children with chronic illnesses. His love for technology also has him doing something for the community. Through XPRIZE, he develops technological solutions to help with various challenges facing communities today.

Keith Mann Partners with Uncommon Schools to Make a Difference

Keith Mann, an entrepreneur based out of the Big Apple, has recently announced his involvement in a new scholarship available for graduating seniors within associated high schools of New York. Keith and his wife Keely Mann bear the name of the Professional Achievement scholarship which is aimed to promote new generations of successful business leaders. The Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement has partnered with an organization that manages charter schools called Uncommon Schools. In order to be eligible for the scholarship students must be a graduating senior from one of the schools under the management of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York.

The scholarship will help to provide a student with a four year college education. Once meeting the requirements of successfully graduating from high school, eligible students then must complete a 1,000 word essay explaining how there goals can helped be attained by gaining the Professional Achievement scholarship. The mission of Keith Mann and Uncommon Schools is to help low-income students graduate successfully from high school as well as to set them up for a meaningful college experience before they begin their professional careers.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners which he established in 2009. Mann has made a name for himself in the executive search market with over a decade of experience. Currently the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann works with clients from Asia, Europe and the United States with a specialty in hiring for alternative investment companies. Each year, the DSP team helps to fill over 200 positions for their clients. Before founding Dynamics Search Partners, Keith worked with Dynamic Associates where he saw great success and even rose to be Vice President for some time. Now he leads a very successful company and has begun to establish a knack for philanthropy and other forms of giving back.

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