World Meat Supplier-OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the ancient companies which was founded by Otto Kolschowsky after he migrated to the United States of America. Otto started the meat company in Oak Park, Illinois and before long the organization was expanding their services to other regions including; Maywood a suburb located in Chicago. In 1928 Otto named the company Otto &Sons and within a short period, it became one of the trusted meat supply organizations in the region. Otto &Sons was meant to even to grow further and in 1955 it signed a lasting contract with a leading meat product firm McDonald. Otto & Sons were to supply freshly grounded beef patties to McDonald. During the time Ray Kroc was the owner and the Chief executive Officer of McDonald’s and he was present during the signing of the contract.

Otto &Sons continued to expand by then establishing another processing plant in 1973. The high-volume meat plant was located in West Chicago with specialized achiness with liquid nitrogen freezing channels. Glenmark was at the same time established with a purpose of carrying out non-McDonald me at business. Otto 7Sons continued to supply meat products to other suppliers who included food services, restaurants as well as retail brands. OSI Industries was the new name given to Otto & Sons in 1975 when it also expanded their operations in other regions.

OSI Group is a leading meat processing company with their operations not only in the United States but also in China and other regions. OSI Group is one of the trusted meat firms that have been supplying not only quality products but also fresh meat products. The firm is rich financially and also has enough resources to provide their customers with the following services to; source, deliver, produce as well as develop custom-made food resolution. OSI has is the passion for distributing quality food products as they bring clients ideas to success. In 2016 OSI Group was named by Forbes as the 58th largest private company while in 2011 it was number 136 on the Forbes record. OSI has strong core values which include;

1. Doing what is right for the group
2. Seek partnering relationship
3. Working together as a team
OSI Group offers the world and their esteemclients’ uncompromised services which include;
• Tailor made food solutions which are made to their clients specifications
• Food expertise who are efficient and honest
• Quality assurance practices combined with food security
• A devotion to sustainability throughout their work network

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Learn What Secrets Made Marc Sparks A Millionaire

Marc Sparks certainly knows how valuable transformative innovation is, to an evolving business. Organizational efficiency has always been a given for this champion investor, serial entrepreneur, and author. The “They Can’t Eat You” author, surprised the industry when he spontaneously acquired new office space for Timber Creek Capital in 2015. An accomplished business tycoon, Mr. Sparks played a pivotal position in the incubation process of numerous startups across Texas. His company Timber Creek Capital had recently celebrated its 14th anniversary at the same office location. With this update, Sparks boldly boasts the benefits of maximizing output and developing a collaborative advantage.


In cooperation with Pittsburgh’s advertising giant, Marc USA, Sparks continues to build momentum as a mentor. His newly developed mentoring program, Marketing Sparks, provides real-world training and on-demand coaching to budding entrepreneurs. The takeaway is that clients cultivate valuable business development practices, brainstorming ideas and learn the fundamentals of tactical/strategic marketing communications. Sparks journey chronicles bare-bone success, although he’s encountered some hiccups along the way.


The journey to stardom charted by Marc Sparks isn’t comparable to the average visionary. Not having a college education didn’t hinder his success. A self-made entrepreneur, Sparks had a clear vision of where he was headed and how he wanted to be remembered. He made his fortune acquiring real estate and establishing a collection of business ventures. Throughout his career, telecommunications, real estate, and capital investments have remained his primary interests.


His testimony has inspired many entrepreneurs eager to chart their own success stories. In a special online edition of CNN iReport, Sparks revealed the four best practices to brainstorm a powerful, persuasive presentation and win over venture capitalists. He encourages the following: use meaningful infographics that emphasize key points, do legitimate research and manipulate data to rehash a related story, keep things concise and interesting and embrace “team spirit.” It’s the absolute strategy to maximize the impact of persuasive communication.


Having realized extraordinary success, Sparks wants the same for youths everywhere. He’s constantly in pursuit of avenues to empower the youths. His local community benefits from contributions he’s made to help youngsters build a future. What’s also amazing is that he puts in work and time volunteering for charitable causes. Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity are two local charities where he frequently volunteers. He also supports organizations like America Can! Academy, CARE, Mommies In Need, Carpenters for Christ and Dogs Matter.


The visionary continues to break barriers in entrepreneurship today. He’s established an organization called Sparks Tank that’s enabling social service entrepreneurs. The group launches seasonal talent competitions, targeting social service executives that demonstrate a passion for entrepreneurship ( It requests that each applicant prepares and pitches a meaningful business idea that can positively transform social service. It’s an incentivized program that awards a sponsorship grant to top talents.