Bus Journeys Provide Inspiration For Artist Doug Levitt

Riding a bus around the U.S. may not seem like the perfect way to find inspiration for a collection of songs, writings, and live performances; however, the chance to explore all these artistic options is something Doug Levitt has found inspiration in as he investigates the lives of those struggling to survive in the U.S. economy in “The Greyhound Diaries“. Doug Levitt has seen his career take many different turns since the former science student of Carl Sagan found success as an international correspondent for a number of major U.S. news outlets.

Over the course of his life Doug Levitt has explored a number of different options for finding the best possible choices to fulfill his needs in terms of his life and career. Born in Washington D.C., Doug Levitt spent much of his early life destined for a career in politics after his mother took up a role in local government in the capital of the U.S. A change of direction saw Levitt embark on a career in journalism, which resulted in him reporting from some of the most dangerous areas in the world; while stationed in London, U.K. the journalist felt the need to return to his first love of music.

The initial project embarked upon by Levitt was a six week journey to smaller areas of the U.S. completed by Greyhound bus, which would morph into an ongoing journey across the U.S. that had seen the musician travel more than 80,000 miles over an eight year period to 2012. The use of many different media has become an important part of the work of Doug and sees his live performances use music, the spoken word, and photographic images to tell the stories of the least fortunate in U.S. society. The work of Doug Levitt has seen him follow in the footsteps of major U.S. artists of the early to mid 20th century who looked to tell the world about the economic gap between the wealthy and the poor.

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