US Money Reserve Says Brexit Gold Coins Is This Year’s Most Stable Investment

US Money Reserve analysts say today’s best bull market opportunity starts with Brexit gold coins. Gold coin investors have some control over their destiny. Bonds right now get no respect because of the economic malaise. The debt crisis has been prolonged and so many investors have been burned, so currently people look to safety, and that’s in gold.

The stock and bond market have had setbacks and following volatility, investors are seeking ways to spend funds wisely. The big questions is should you invest in gold? With the financial and sovereign crisis, the biggest advantage is gold coins. Precious metals are considered insurance for hard times and the general recommendation is to invest between 10% and 25% of investment assets in gold and silver.

Investors Are Snubbing Risky Prospects

Once popular funds, like emerging markets have lost appeal amid growing concerns around the world. Turmoil in the Middle East, the exit of the UK from the European Union, and the defaults on bonds have led investors to seek safer places to park their funds. Of course, aggressive baiting to place the bulk of investor funds in stocks, bonds and mutual funds are dangling everywhere, yet the case for Brexit gold coins offer a better recipe for safety.

What’s The Advantage Of Gold?

-Gold is absolutely crisis-proof
-Gold coins are recognized worldwide
-It has been traditionally used globally as inflation and currency reform, as well as protection
-It holds significance as part of many cultures (jewelry and gifts)

Regardless of price, gold is the most regularly purchased investment. Typically, investors with high net worth buy tons of gold, all at once because they have the money to invest, like billionaire George Soros. However, smaller investors with limited funds can create a running portfolio by investing a fixed amount consistently. After, let’s say one year, you would have a reasonable amount of Brexit gold coins.

This year has been the perfect time to invest in gold coins because the value in gold is seen through price gains, and since the demise of the Euro pound, due to Britain’s European exit, the price of gold continues to rise. Of course, gold is not suitable as the sole form of investment, analysts from US Money Reserve point out, investing in Brexit gold coins as part of the portfolio, is highly recommended.