Makari Offers Safe And Effective Skin Whitening Creams For Ethnic Skin Types

An Introduction To The Makari Skincare Brand

Makari is a luxury skincare brand that is specially tailored to women of ethnic backgrounds. This means that Makari designs skincare products for colored women. The ethnic and colored skin segment has been long neglected by the skincare and beauty industry. Makari aims to make high quality, effective and all natural skin care products available to women of color.

The company aims to address the fact that traditional skin care products designed those with dark complexions often feature Hydroquinone. This ingredient helps lighten dark skin but it has been found in numerous studies to have a harmful effect on the skin. Makari products do not contain hydroquinone, but instead use natural ingredients like carrot oil and other herbal ingredients to lighten and moisturize darker skin.

Skin Whitening Creams Offered By Makari

One of Makari’s most effective skin whitening creams is its intense lightening cream. This cream is designed to help even out uneven skin tones, fight discoloration and lighten age spots. Another skin whitening product offered by Makari is the carotonic lightening cream. This cream is designed for oil and problematic skin types. It is also designed to be anti aging and to help fade away scars and stretch marks. For full product information, go to