Preserving Our Way Of Life

Doing the right thing often gets a person in trouble. Fear of that trouble is a hard incentive against taking a stand. Now there are measures to support your stand, and make you strong enough to survive. Accepting those measures will ultimately yield good in your job and community.

Here’s what’s important about the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: it gives whistleblowers monetary incentive, and it gives them protection. Those working in a business where shady or outright criminal financial practices are taking place can have a share of the recoveries through this new act. For every collection of monetary sanctions over a million dollars, US currency, whistleblowers will receive between ten and thirty percent of the take. Additional incentives are available should other recoveries be made.

This is still a big commitment, though. Getting paid $100,000 to $300,000 to throw away your career might be a good option. Or it could leave you destitute. Oftentimes whistleblowers are in a situation near enough the source of the illegal activity that they’re drawing wages six figures and higher. Understanding this, the SEC’s new Dodd-Frank Reform prohibits employers from taking retaliation of any kind against a whistleblower. There’s a reason this new reform has been called the most sweeping since financial emergency measures during the Great Depression.

The only things a whistleblower really needs are protection and incentive. But it’s nice to have an attorney as well. While the Dodd-Frank Reform provides the money and the safety, it doesn’t provide the attorney. However, the next best thing is available. Labaton Sucharow is a law firm established directly proceeding congress’s passing of this legislation. This was the first law firm in the country to focus on Whistleblower Representation Practice, and is lead by a gentleman named Jordan A. Thomas, who wrote the legislation making all this possible. He was formerly the head of the SEC’s enforcement division, and was instrumental in crafting the Whistleblower Program from the start. With a SEC attorney representing them, whistleblowers can afford to be anonymous. While it’s encouraged that whistleblowers should tell the attorney their name, all discussions are protected by attorney-client privilege. Additionally, there is no cost for an initial consultation.

Contacting this legal practice is as easy as e-mailing their online address, filling out an online form from their website, or calling them on the telephone. Oh, you’re not required to provide your identifying information to the attorney in an initial consultation either; though this is encouraged very strongly at the firm.

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