Imran Haque is the Preferred Primary Care Physician in North Carolina

Imran Haque is a prominent internist based in North Carolina. He is the founder of Horizon Internal Medicine, a private practice serving the Asheboro and Ramseur regions. He also reserves the right to admit at numerous other medical facilities such as Randolph Hospital. Imran Haque has extensive experience in internal medicine. He is well-placed to treat a broad range of conditions and make specialist referrals as the situation demands.

Imran Haque graduated from the prestigious Iberoamerican University in the Dominican Republic. He went for further studies at the University of Virginia. He performs comprehensive discovery to determine the exact condition ailing the patient. The service may include a physical examination, imaging diagnostics as well as laboratory testing processes.

Additionally, it enables him to make informed treatment recommendations to the patients to achieve the fastest recovery. He is the preferred primary-care physician for thousands of residents in the area. Imran Haque collaborates closely with a diverse team of highly-skilled professionals to provide a high quality of care and health advisory. He is conveniently located in two locations in North Carolina and is committed to improving the life of every patient with their unique requirements.

His accreditation ensures confidence and transparency in service delivery as it reflects his in-depth understanding of internal medicine. Imran Haque is also credited with mentoring graduate internists at his medical clinics to enable them to improve the lives of the community. Some of the most popular services include diabetes management, laser hair therapy, Venus body contouring and weight management among numerous others.

He is genuinely involved in the health of his patients and goes well beyond the call of duty to ensure they experience a change in their lives. Imran Haque believes technology can help healthcare providers increase their reach and lower their cost of service. He establishes close relationships with his clients to ensure long-term care goals are met.



Fabletics is a brand of athleticwear that is excelling in sales, due to the “power of the crowd.” Fabletics has had rapid growth at a rate of 200% and have one million customers, due to the fact that they use online reviews to help promote their product. The reasons online reviews are so important are as follows:


  1. Trust – A study shows that more customers trust reviews of a product as much as a friend’s recommendation, and cost isn’t as important as the review. Consumers like seeing what others have to say online, which helps in their purchasing decisions.
  2. Frequent Use – Over fifty percent of people research and read on-line reviews, even if they are purchasing something in a store. It’s the power of the crowd that determines buying, whether online or in a store, not price comparisons, like many people think it would be.
  3. User Reviews – Positive reviews help a brand’s search ranking and increases the number of repeat customers. Fabletics knows that the power of the crowd through positive reviews, boosts business and revenues, bringing in more customers and promoting higher search rankings.


Fabletics, a stylish, affordable, good quality athleisure line of clothes, was founded in 2013. The founders wanted someone with an active lifestyle, who was authentic and fun, to partner with them, and the person they thought of was Kate Hudson. An actress, with no business background, she immediately “dove in” and started reviewing budgets, promoted the social media aspect and became involved with the design process by making sure the styles were staying up-to-date. She makes sure the sales up going well by looking at which clothes are selling the most and which ones aren’t selling so well.


Kate is one that stands by what she believes in by wearing the clothes she sells. She went from “Almost Famous” to Fabletics Greatness by walking the red carpet launching her new line of athleticwear, not promoting a TV show or a movie she’s in. Fabletics has grown into a $250 million company in just three and a half years. She knows that communication is a major priority and uses a data system that makes sure their inventory levels are stable and serves customers by matching them up with their perfect outfit. The company also has twenty-two retail stores and would like to open twelve more this year. Kate has helped the company receive a top rating from the Better Business Bureau and high customer satisfaction score. Being an actress is still her passion in life, but she is very proud of the business aspect of her life and intends to stay involved in Fabletics.


Fabletics would like for you to read the many reviews and take a few minutes to take the Lifestyle Quiz, so they can help you create personalized outfits to fit your lifestyle and see why Kate Hudson stands by Fabletics and the athleisurewear they offer.


World Meat Supplier-OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the ancient companies which was founded by Otto Kolschowsky after he migrated to the United States of America. Otto started the meat company in Oak Park, Illinois and before long the organization was expanding their services to other regions including; Maywood a suburb located in Chicago. In 1928 Otto named the company Otto &Sons and within a short period, it became one of the trusted meat supply organizations in the region. Otto &Sons was meant to even to grow further and in 1955 it signed a lasting contract with a leading meat product firm McDonald. Otto & Sons were to supply freshly grounded beef patties to McDonald. During the time Ray Kroc was the owner and the Chief executive Officer of McDonald’s and he was present during the signing of the contract.

Otto &Sons continued to expand by then establishing another processing plant in 1973. The high-volume meat plant was located in West Chicago with specialized achiness with liquid nitrogen freezing channels. Glenmark was at the same time established with a purpose of carrying out non-McDonald me at business. Otto 7Sons continued to supply meat products to other suppliers who included food services, restaurants as well as retail brands. OSI Industries was the new name given to Otto & Sons in 1975 when it also expanded their operations in other regions.

OSI Group is a leading meat processing company with their operations not only in the United States but also in China and other regions. OSI Group is one of the trusted meat firms that have been supplying not only quality products but also fresh meat products. The firm is rich financially and also has enough resources to provide their customers with the following services to; source, deliver, produce as well as develop custom-made food resolution. OSI has is the passion for distributing quality food products as they bring clients ideas to success. In 2016 OSI Group was named by Forbes as the 58th largest private company while in 2011 it was number 136 on the Forbes record. OSI has strong core values which include;

1. Doing what is right for the group
2. Seek partnering relationship
3. Working together as a team
OSI Group offers the world and their esteemclients’ uncompromised services which include;
• Tailor made food solutions which are made to their clients specifications
• Food expertise who are efficient and honest
• Quality assurance practices combined with food security
• A devotion to sustainability throughout their work network

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The Role of Eric Lefkofsky in Advancing Cancer Treatment

With nearly 40% of U.S. adults facing a cancer diagnosis, everyone knows someone who once fought against cancer. In a study conducted in 2014, approximately 14.5 million cancer patients in the U.S. The figure is expected to hit 19 million by 2024. Nonetheless, advances being made by technology companies such as Tempus will help combat this terrible disease. Established by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus leads in the provision of data-enabled precision medicine.

The mission of Tempus is to transform cancer treatment. Eric Lefkofsky has created a platform that allows the analysis of patients’ molecular and clinical data. With data-enabled treatment, Eric Lefkofsky believes that technology will allow doctors to administer effective treatment to cancer patients. Technology will help them determine which procedures and drugs best suit a patient. Since data-enabled precision medicine is continually updated, doctors can make informed decisions regarding cancer treatment. As more data is compared and analyzed, Tempus hopes to unlock secrets about combating cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky’s journey to co-founding Tempus has not been easy. A native of Southfield, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969. At age 50, Lefkofsky has made significant accomplishments than most people will in their future. He graduated in 1991 with highest honors from the University of Michigan. Two years later, he entered the University of Michigan Law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor. Irrespective of his impressive educational attainments, Erick Lefkofsky didn’t go into law. Instead, he entered the tech industry and quickly emerged as a global tech entrepreneur.

While he was born in Michigan, Eric has spent much of his adult life in Chicago. Here is where the headquarters of Tempus are located and Eric spends much of his time in Chicago area. Eric Lefkofsky currently serves on the boards of the Art Institute of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He also serves as Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Eric Lefkofsky started his teaching career at Northwestern University and DePaul University. He currently works at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business as an adjunct professor.

Why Betsy Devos was the right pick to head the education docket in the country

When Betsy Devos name was nominated for new secretary of education in the U.S., there were a lot of backlashes, especially from the teachers’ unions. The two giant teachers unions felt that president Trumps choice for secretary of education wasn’t the best. Besty Devos is a school-choice activist, and she chairs an organization known as the American Federation for Children. This organization advocates for school choice and focuses on children from low and middle-income families.


The American Federation of Teachers, a giant teachers union in the country, felt that Betsy Devos would spearhead the privatization and defunding of the public education in the country. On the contrary, the school choice movement where Devos has been a leader and activist is not going on this route. The movement is championing for what the teachers’ unions in the country dread the most: freedom.


The school choice movement is about giving the freedom back to the parents so that they can choose where and how their children get the much-needed education. The parents are involved in every step in their child’s education, including the recruitment of teachers.


Freedom governs a great nation like U.S., and this is the secret that makes our country great. The government has created an environment where individuals choose what they want. It would, therefore, be outrageous if a something as basic as education would have little freedom in it. It would be sad to see the less privileged in the society being locked into a failed public system that is controlled by unions and bureaucrats.


Numbers don’t lie

Three decades ago, school choice programs weren’t in existence. Today, nearly 500,000 children are attending private schools in more than 29 states. These private schools benefit from public funding, tax credits, and educational savings accounts.


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools reports indicates that nearly one million children await to enroll in charter schools Betsy Devos has set out her agenda. She is devoted to advancing freedom by making educational opportunities available to every child in the U.S. regardless of their background.


Previous works on education by Betsy Devos

Although Betsy was thrown into the limelight when Trump floated her name for the head of education, she has been an education activist for a long time. Betsy and her husband have been instrumental in the educational reforms witnessed in Michigan for the last couple of years. Betsy has served as a board member in various schools.


Betsy and her husband have gained a lot of respect for their philanthropic actions that mainly support education, arts, and justice. The couple is reported to have donated about $139 million to organizations that support causes that they believe in.


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Honey, Will You Bee Mine? Whitney Wolfe Says “Yes”

Bumbles “queen bee” has found her match. In a recent ceremony off of the Almafi Coast, Founder and CEO of new women-led dating app, Bumble, tied the knot with Michael Herd. The question everyone wants answers to: Did they meet on Bumble? While many women have found success with the new app, the newlyweds actually met traditionally, back in 2013 while vacationing in Aspen, CO. After dating for two years, Herd made his move and asked Whitney to be his wife.

The lovebirds traveled to Italy to celebrate the engagement, and begin making plans for their big day. As every bride does, Wolfe dreamed of a beautiful wedding and a day surrounded by love, family, and beautiful weather. Of course, we almost never get what we ask for, so she was not surprised when she awoke to a forecast packed with rain on her wedding day. Keeping a smile, the duo decided that the rain would not ruin their parade. They gathered their parties into one conjoined space and danced away in the rain until it stopped.

When the rain cleared, the wedding party quickly came together to start prepping for the outdoor evening ceremony. Wiping benches for seating and hastily changing into the proper attire, the team managed to pull everything together, despite the earlier setback. Guest took their seats around 7:30 PM and the groom took his bride.

We all have the desire to find that special someone. We may deny it, but the desire to give love and to be loved is undeniable. With the increased use of technology, it is no surprise that men and women are turning to the internet to help them find love. Dating websites and apps give users the chance to mingle with one another in hopes of finding a true match. While there are many different dating sites out there, Bumble has completely changed the online dating game.

Giving new meaning to the term “girl power” Bumble is designed to put women in charge. Both men and women have the ability to browse through photos of potential mates, but only women have the ability to initiate a conversation. The idea is to help women feel confident and empowered while giving them a real opportunity to find true love.

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Learn What Secrets Made Marc Sparks A Millionaire

Marc Sparks certainly knows how valuable transformative innovation is, to an evolving business. Organizational efficiency has always been a given for this champion investor, serial entrepreneur, and author. The “They Can’t Eat You” author, surprised the industry when he spontaneously acquired new office space for Timber Creek Capital in 2015. An accomplished business tycoon, Mr. Sparks played a pivotal position in the incubation process of numerous startups across Texas. His company Timber Creek Capital had recently celebrated its 14th anniversary at the same office location. With this update, Sparks boldly boasts the benefits of maximizing output and developing a collaborative advantage.


In cooperation with Pittsburgh’s advertising giant, Marc USA, Sparks continues to build momentum as a mentor. His newly developed mentoring program, Marketing Sparks, provides real-world training and on-demand coaching to budding entrepreneurs. The takeaway is that clients cultivate valuable business development practices, brainstorming ideas and learn the fundamentals of tactical/strategic marketing communications. Sparks journey chronicles bare-bone success, although he’s encountered some hiccups along the way.


The journey to stardom charted by Marc Sparks isn’t comparable to the average visionary. Not having a college education didn’t hinder his success. A self-made entrepreneur, Sparks had a clear vision of where he was headed and how he wanted to be remembered. He made his fortune acquiring real estate and establishing a collection of business ventures. Throughout his career, telecommunications, real estate, and capital investments have remained his primary interests.


His testimony has inspired many entrepreneurs eager to chart their own success stories. In a special online edition of CNN iReport, Sparks revealed the four best practices to brainstorm a powerful, persuasive presentation and win over venture capitalists. He encourages the following: use meaningful infographics that emphasize key points, do legitimate research and manipulate data to rehash a related story, keep things concise and interesting and embrace “team spirit.” It’s the absolute strategy to maximize the impact of persuasive communication.


Having realized extraordinary success, Sparks wants the same for youths everywhere. He’s constantly in pursuit of avenues to empower the youths. His local community benefits from contributions he’s made to help youngsters build a future. What’s also amazing is that he puts in work and time volunteering for charitable causes. Samaritan Inn and Habitat for Humanity are two local charities where he frequently volunteers. He also supports organizations like America Can! Academy, CARE, Mommies In Need, Carpenters for Christ and Dogs Matter.


The visionary continues to break barriers in entrepreneurship today. He’s established an organization called Sparks Tank that’s enabling social service entrepreneurs. The group launches seasonal talent competitions, targeting social service executives that demonstrate a passion for entrepreneurship ( It requests that each applicant prepares and pitches a meaningful business idea that can positively transform social service. It’s an incentivized program that awards a sponsorship grant to top talents.


American Institute Of Architects: Perfecting The Architecture Profession


Abbreviated as AIA, the American Institute of Architects is an organization of professionals in the field of architecture in the United States. It is headquartered in the Washington D.C and is committed to offer education, community development, government advocacy and outreach to the public for the support of architecture profession to improve its image.

The AIA does not work alone; it works together with other members in the designing and construction teams in the coordination of the building industry.


AIA was founded in 1857 February by 13 architects in New York City as the New York Society of Architects. Their agenda was to promote the practical and scientific abilities for the members as well as uplifting the standing of the architecture profession. After two months they were incorporated and have been growing to reach about 90,000 members at the moment.

In the 1860s, architects from other cities were already asking to join AIA. By 1880s, several chapters had been formed in other places such as Baltimore, Boston, Albany, Cincinnati, Washington DC and other places in America. Currently, there are more than 260 chapters of AIA throughout the world.


AIA core values involve driving positive change using the power of design. This is done by ensuring that architects get the resources needed to do their best work. One of the values of AIA is promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion in order to create to achieve a stronger profession.

Climate change is taken seriously by AIA as they understand its impacts. Therefore, AIA are in the forefront of fighting the climate change. This is because buildings are major generators of carbon and through their designing; architects can contribute to reduction of carbon emission.

AIA also advocates for sustainability in order to set the current and coming generations on a prosperity journey by reducing environmental impacts of the buildings, restoration of natural resources and developing safe communities.

Awards and Honors

The AIA has been recognizing individuals and organizations as a result of their outstanding achievements and support for the architecture profession. This has led to development of awards and programs such as Honors Program, Institute Honors, Institute Honors for Professional Achievement and many more awards given to different parties for their achievements.


The AIA consistently works aiming to create more secure, valuable and sustainable buildings, and communities. With almost 300 chapters, the AIA advocates for policies and public guidelines that result in economic vibrancy and public wellbeing.

Securus Leverages Technology to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Securus Technologies is a leading technology solutions provider focused on the prison industry. Our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. We have been in operation since 1986. We have a strong presence in Carrollton and Allen in Texas as well as Atlanta in Georgia. Our current CEO is Richard Smith. We employ more than a thousand people serving over two thousand correctional facilities. We have invested heavily in talent, technology, and patents.


We provide enterprise IT and analytics solutions to correctional facilities. We are a company of innovation and many firsts. We were the first to control the proliferation of contraband cell phones in prison electronically. We also have systems that prevent unauthorized cell phones from connecting to mobile and wireless networks.


Our primary goal is public safety. We pride ourselves in effectively connecting those who matter. To this end, we provide detainee communications, inmate monitoring, biometric analysis, emergency and incident management and investigative services among others. We are firmly committed to enabling a peaceful and safe incarceration environment. We collaborate with facilities to improve public safety.


We are proud of our investment in technology. It enhances the safety of correctional facilities and the local communities where we operate. Our customers have vindicated our strategy. We recently shared their glowing and humbling comments on their experiences using our systems. The people who use our systems include correctional facility staff, inmates and their families as well as government agencies.


They tell us our systems have enabled them to develop real evidence in numerous cases. Our solutions have made the operations of various facilities efficient. They report our systems have empowered them to adopt a proactive approach in inmate monitoring and the prevention of incidences. We develop products that are ahead of their time in technology. We enable state agencies to prevent crimes and solve existing cases. They are thankful for the safety that is built into every product that we provide.


Lifeline Screening Encouraged to Remain Healthy Longer

Advances in modern medicine are astonishing. Today, there are new discoveries in all health fields that are just short of miraculous. Preventive medicine is keeping up with this fast-paced trend. When people take full responsibility for their own health, the outcomes are fantastic. People are living longer. Better health allows them to remain active and strong. A Lifeline Screening is one way for individuals to stay healthier overall. The health benefits are far-reaching and extremely valuable. Serious diseases can be tested for in a simple screening. People can literally prevent a major health event by finding out if they have a serious disease brewing unnoticed.

It is advised to get this screening before symptoms appear. Lifeline Screening gives individuals a map of how healthy their bodies currently are. Heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications, liver failure, ruptured aneurysms, and more can now be avoided. If a person tests positive for any of these conditions and others, they can then take positive steps like: losing weight, changing dietary habits, increasing exercise, following recommended medical treatments, taking medications or supplements as ordered and seeing a specialist for a particular disease.

Doing these things can often markedly decrease chances for developing further medical problems. A Lifeline Screening provides individuals with information about their own health status, including risk factors and critical information regarding health prevention. It is never too late to schedule a screening, but Lifeline Screening encourages everyone with risk factors, including family history, to undergo the testing promptly. Many of the conditions tested for do not always have early symptoms. Individuals can be oblivious for years, while a catastrophic disease invades their bodies, never even realizing the danger. A thorough Lifeline Screening can give individuals pertinent knowledge with regards to personal health.

Lifeline Screening has an informative website that details their mission, and all tests available. People are instructed to have a lighter meal four hours before testing time. It is alright to sip moderate water amounts when fasting. Comfortable clothing is also encouraged. Lifeline Screenings are saving lives.

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