A Review of Avi Weisfogel’s Charity Work, Business Ventures and Music Career

Diversity is one of the antidotes to success. Many individuals however fail to diversify their interests because they do not have the ability to create ample time for each activity. Avi Weisfogel is however a success story as far as diversification is concerned. He has effectively and successfully managed to combine his love for music, charity and business. His success story is beyond doubt, inspirational.

Avi’s Charity Work

Being a professional dentist, Weisfogel has come face to face with difficult dental cases. His career has brought him into contact with children who have cleft palates. This explains why he decided to partner with Operation Smile, a global NGO that provides free surgical operations to children who have lip deformities. In line with this, Avi recently started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds, which will be bequeathed to Operational Smile. As a strong believer that children and adolescents ought to be provide with high quality medical attention, Mr. Weisfogel hopes to raise at least two thousand dollars.

Avi’s Business Ventures

Weisfogel founded and runs New Jersey based Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. This is a medical facility devoted to helping oral healthcare practitioners to improve their businesses. The firm connects the practitioners with patients suffering from sleep disorders caused by dental deformities. Besides this, it provides the dental specialists with high quality equipment that they can use to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel similarly uses his extensive knowledge to offer consultancy services aimed at helping patients secure treatment as soon as the sleeping disorders are detected.

Avi’s Music

Weisfogel’s entry into the world of music has caught everyone by surprise. His preferred music genre is hip hop. The dental expert is clearly making the most of the available opportunities if his music is anything to go by. He has steadily built a strong and fanatical following on platforms such as Soundcloud. Avi’s music not only has dope beats, but also motivates and inspires listeners. In as much as he has been a late entrant into the musical world, Avi is already shaking up the status quo. He looks forward to releasing more songs in years to come. To read more about his musical interests, click on: http://www.mtv.com/artists/avi-weisfogel/biography/