Equities First UK

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The global company has offices in London, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, and Asia. We able to offer our investors and businesses the cash they need to succeed, as well as trade. Our borrowers are offered special rates to pay off their loan, or expand the terms, without loosing stock options. It’s a company that cares about it’s investors.

Neurocore Innovators in Treating Mental Conditions

Dr. Tim Royer, a former Neuropsychologist founded the Neurocore Brain Performance Center In 2004. This cutting-edge technology is proven beneficial to patient’s recovery. The patients attend therapy in a quiet room. They sit at a cubical with a partition and put on headphones. Electrodes with Ten20 EEG are applied to the patient’s ears and head. The electrodes allow the clinic to monitor their heart rate. The patient watches a video during a session. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocore therapy adjusts the patient’s brain stimulation based on the heart rate. Patients are encouraged to breathe deeply which increase circulation to the brain. As a result, the brain is in a calm state. The calm state is then rewarded with a large screen. This therapy reward system eventually trains the brain to stay in a calm state. The brain corrects itself internally. Read more about Neurocore at muscletech.com.

The center has helped 75% of patients decrease or get off their medication. Ms. Tiffany Pojeski reported her son’s Jackson progress after receiving Neurocore therapy. At the age of seven, he experienced multiple meltdowns. He was unable to complete any of his tasks. Although Jackson wasn’t diagnosed with a disease he needed medication to sleep. He received 40 Neurocore sessions at the Brain Center. His mother said he began to sleep at night and focus during the day. Jackson no longer needs sleep medication.

Denise Kooiker said her son improved after Neurocore therapy. He stopped biting his nails after 2 years of treatment. People questioned the use of Ten20 paste. They thought it was carcinogenic to patients. However, the paste is non-toxic and can only cause skin irritation.

The Neurocore therapy is a low-cost alternative to treat patients with disorders. After therapy is over there is no need for medications. Neurocore therapy doesn’t have any side effects. The sessions are pain-free and easy to undergo.

View: https://www.groupon.com/deals/neurocore


Sentient AI: The Benefits of Using an Ecommerce Recommendation Engine To Help Drive Sales To Your Site

Are you thinking about adding a personalization engine to your site? Are you at least considering it? Well, you should. According to Sentient AI, your site will improve greatly by adding a personalized ecommerce Recommendation engine. Do you want to know how?

1) A personalized ecommerce recommendation engine will drive traffic to your site through email blasts and targeted messages. The messages your customers get will not be too overwhelming. The messages will be just enough to give your customers the incentive they need.

2) According to Sentient AI, these blasts reflect your shopping trends. The engine will search through the browser history and recommend items based on that customer’s searches. You can relax. The ecommerce recommendation engine will not invade your privacy. The ecommerce recommendation engine is designed to work along with your customer’s searches. Once you see something your customers like, you can catalog the item. You need to then blast the item out in a message.

3) Customers get more out of their searches. They do not need to search hours on end to find something you want.

4) The recommendation engine will convert window shoppers into buyers more frequently. The search engine extends their olive branch in the form of saved results. That branded loyalty is a way to gain their trust. If your customers see you are taking notice of their interests, they will be more inclined to buy.

5) The recommendation engine is a great way to increase the number of items in a person’s cart. Some sites get about 1-2 items per cart. The reason is that these sites do not have the same loyalty level. Once you achieve a big loyalty level, you will have people buying more items.

Summing It Up

Scott’s Example

Scott likes a specific kind of book. There is one seller, in particular, Scott buys from to get his books. The seller he buys from sends him updates on new books every few days. Scott has gone from buying 1-2 books per order, in the beginning, to buying 5+ books per order. Scott trusts the seller. The seller uses the recommendation engine to base Scott’s next purchase off of items he has already bought. The seller occasionally throws in a freebie to further enhance the loyalty and trust the two have built.

The Legacy Of Alexandre Gama

Every industry, practice, or business has at least one pioneer, even if that person or group of people isn’t identifiable.

While advertising has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, its modern form has only been around for less than one full century. Mr. Alexandre Gama was largely responsible for helping bring modern advertising to his home nation of Brazil.

Mr. Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958, and began working for Standard Ogilvy & Mather in the United States in 1982. Alexandre remained at the firm for eight consecutive years, all of which were spent as a copywriter and content creator. DM9 was fortunate enough to be Mr. Gama’s next stop, where he served the advertising agency as creative director and writer, a step up from his first position at what’s now known as Ogilvy & Mather.

Alexandre Gama stayed with the Brazil-based firm for four years after being initially hired. He’d go on to work for a handful of other advertising agencies over the next decade, most of which were spent in Brazil.

In 1999, Alexandre Gama left the likes of Young & Rubicam to start up Neogama, the eponymous advertising agency. He remains as its CEO to this very day.