Makari Offers Safe And Effective Skin Whitening Creams For Ethnic Skin Types

An Introduction To The Makari Skincare Brand

Makari is a luxury skincare brand that is specially tailored to women of ethnic backgrounds. This means that Makari designs skincare products for colored women. The ethnic and colored skin segment has been long neglected by the skincare and beauty industry. Makari aims to make high quality, effective and all natural skin care products available to women of color.

The company aims to address the fact that traditional skin care products designed those with dark complexions often feature Hydroquinone. This ingredient helps lighten dark skin but it has been found in numerous studies to have a harmful effect on the skin. Makari products do not contain hydroquinone, but instead use natural ingredients like carrot oil and other herbal ingredients to lighten and moisturize darker skin.

Skin Whitening Creams Offered By Makari

One of Makari’s most effective skin whitening creams is its intense lightening cream. This cream is designed to help even out uneven skin tones, fight discoloration and lighten age spots. Another skin whitening product offered by Makari is the carotonic lightening cream. This cream is designed for oil and problematic skin types. It is also designed to be anti aging and to help fade away scars and stretch marks. For full product information, go to


George Soros, A Substantial Presence In The United States

George Soros is a man that is very important to the political world and the world of finance. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1936. His father was a Schwartz but changed his name to Soros. George is now a big part of the United States of America because he offers so much to so many things.

George Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest men. He started his own net worth working like anyone else did growing up. He made some good calls in a bad market. This earned him a profit of a billion in 1992. He attended college in London and gained an Economics degree from London School of Economics. Learning Economics on NYTimes would later help him to gain all of his financial freedom and earn his rank as one of the wealthiest men in the world. Many people look down on him because he made such a gutsy call in the UK market earning him lots of money on a short sale.

Some people in the world like to look down on people that are big investors in Presidential campaigns on Politico. They believe that the people that are large investors are expecting to have most of their demands met. It is not that simple in politics. Soros does have lots of opinions and ideas of how the country should be run. George Soros spoke out on the democratic campaign when he donated over 25 million to the Clinton campaign. He has always supported the democrats in their campaigns and he is hoping to overhaul the Justice system one day.

George Soros has interests in investing, philanthropy and writing. He wrote a book outlining his thoughts towards refugees and the dream of owning your own business in the US. He moved to New York in 1956. He began working as an Arbitrage trader. In 1969, Soros started his own Hedge Fund for his investor trading on Snopes. He has done remarkably well over the course of his lifetime. He has made wonderful and sound decisions regarding his finances. His ideas towards the Presidency and how the United States should fund their programs are interesting. Most people believe he could do a good job and has some good ideas. The few that follow up on his ideas and principals are probably the democrats he is voting for. George remains one of the wealthiest men in the United States so he has opinions that people will be sure to listen to.

According to Politico, George Soros donated a hefty sum to the democratic party and was disappointed to hear that Clinton did not win. He supported her husband in his victory and am sure he will somehow support Trump in his time in the office. Suggestions will not be taken lightly by Trump because Soros is a substantial presence in with good ideas. With a net worth of over 24.9 Billion, George Soros will be making his requests and impressions known. Soros Continues to be a force to be heard and will continue to be a great asset to the United States of America.

Brian Bonar – making things happen in San Diego

Of the many recommendations given upon Dr. Brian Bonar by colleagues and customers in his LinkedIn profile, “making things happen” is the one that resonates the most with me. Sure, you can be intelligent, have all the degrees in the world, but nothing beats a person who can make it happen. To me, that’s the greatest compliment you can receive.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Brian Bonar is Chairman of the Board and CEO of both Trucept Inc. as well as Dalrada Financial. Trucept is a publicly held company in San Diego, CA, providing payroll accounting services to small and medium organizations, allowing them to achieve higher efficiencies in their operations.

Established in 2009, it has an estimated annual revenue of over $27 million and employs a staff of over 7,000 people. Dalrada Financial provides innovative, custom-made financial, insurance, benefit, and business process solutions to small and medium size companies. Dr. Bonar joined Trucept in 2011 and Dalrada Financial in 1999.

Before coming to Alabama, U.S., in 1984 to work for QMS, Inc. as Executive Director of Engineering, he had already demonstrated his abilities with a remarkable set of achievements. Dr. Brian Bonar holds an honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom, given by his peers and customers as a sign of respect for his outstanding entrepreneurial abilities and talent to identify opportunities that benefited many businesses providing thousands of jobs. He earned a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland and an MBA and a Ph.D. from Stafford University, England, for his work in the field of International Business Development.

His journey from Alabama to San Diego continued with executive positions in many companies and founder of some of them, continuing to grow his vast experience and skills in the financial sector. At the same time, he added the responsibility of directing organizations, taking them and its people to new levels of performance and achievements. People that have worked with him appreciate his ability to identify opportunities and making them happen by hiring, training and managing staff. He is well known for his entrepreneurship and talent to attract venture capital.

In September 2016, as recognition of his outstanding performance in financial management and financial service delivery, he was awarded Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Finance personality of the year. Awarded for his work as the top official for Dalrada, this is an honorary award for executives chosen for their performance excellence, exceptional academic achievements, and outstanding leadership.

When he’s not making things happen in San Diego, Dr. Brian Bonar enjoys golf, boat riding, and being with his family during his free time.

Want to Spice Up your Lip Care Routine? Here’s How

In the world of lip balm products, most flavors are pretty basic. Strawberry, cherry, peach, grape vanilla. Most brands don’t experiment with their flavors, figuring that the “tried and true” flavors are good enough to make a profit. EOS lip balm is different. Instead of sticking with the same generic formulas, EOS offers unique flavor combinations that blend your favorite tastes into one perfectly balanced product. Browsing the EOS website ( is almost like browsing a buffet at a health spa. With so many exotic flavors and combinations, it’ll be hard to choose just one!

In addition to these distinct flavors, EOS offers a safe, gluten-free lip balm made from all-natural ingredients. You won’t find any of the artificial chemicals or ingredients that you see in other brands. EOS lip balm products are fortified with antioxidant vitamins that soothe and nourish your lips as they moisturize. But despite all these qualities, EOS isn’t a luxury item–the affordable prices mean that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Looking for a New Flavor Combination?

If you’ve been searching for a new blend of flavors to spice up your lip care routine, the Smooth Sphere range of products offers a selection of unique flavor blends. Pomegranate raspberry refreshes your lips with a tangy tropical flavor. Blueberry acai is summery and fruity, while honeysuckle honeydew offers the cool, refreshing taste of melon. In other words, you’ll never get tired of using the same generic flavors. EOS has such a wide range of distinct tastes that you’ll never get bored.

Ready to Try it for Yourself?

If you’re ready to give EOS lip balm a try, you can purchase EOS products at the official website, as well as major retailer websites like eBay and locations. With affordable prices and a wide range of products, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Learn how EOS started, read this article by