Jeremiah 6:16: Thus says the LORD, “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, ‘Where is the good way?’ and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.


Restoring The Foundations Of Our Faith

 About 10 years ago our family began a journey.  We didn’t know at the time just how this journey would completely revolutionize, energize and strengthen our walk with our King!  As we began to study the historical and cultural context of the Bible, things suddenly began to make much more sense. Our relationship with the Father through His Messiah became stronger and much more sure.  Soon we began to invite friends and family to celebrate and to study the Bible with us.  The Study section of this website is dedicated to discovering the foundations of the Christian faith.

Restoring The People, The Scriptures And The Land Of Israel

Serving Israel is a special section of our website dedicated to our Family Service Trips to Israel in the fall and winter seasons.  We are called to humbly serve the Jewish people as they begin to resettle their ancient homeland.  Ours is a homeschooling farming family with a small construction business.  This calling is “right up our alley” and we get very excited about it.  Our task is to support and encourage the farmers as we help them in any way we can.  Come hear about what we’re doing, where and when!

Following The Ancient Paths

You may already be familiar with the popular Following The Ancient Paths Blog.  All 7 years of content has been transferred here to our new site and new content is being added regularly.  Check it out and share your thoughts in the comment section!